Cancellation and Cancellation Policy:
  • until 11/14/2019
    the reservation can be totally or partially cancelled without any penalty fee;
  • from 11/15/2019 al 12/02/2019
    reservation can be cancelled by fax to + or mail to  and the cost of cancellation is 50% of the full payment (Membership Fee Excluded) related to the chosen Pack, except in case of name change (read forward)
  • from 12/03/2019
    onward any cancellation will imply the loss of the FULL PAYMENT related to the chosen pack (it is not possible to change the name).

N.B.: Any variation of the reservation (ex.: changing of Pack and/or name) shall be communicated via fax to +3906/233.288.44 or mail to before 12/03/2019